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of your employees!

We offer standard courses as well as individual and modular programs tailored to your needs and target group.

What are the goals of simulated phishing campaigns?

Phishing campaigns can have different objectives.
The three most essential ones are:

  • The survey of the current state of the institution in terms of its resistance to phishing attacks.
  • Exploiting a phishing message as a so-called teachable moment to train employees.
  • An overview of whether awareness measures have brought measurable success in your company.
Why is a phishing campaign important for you

Spam filters and other technical solutions ensure that the majority of phishing e-mails do not reach the inboxes in the first place, but it is important to educate employees about the dangers of a phishing attack.

During training, employees learn how to detect, avoid, and report potential threats. As part of this training, phishing simulations and other simulated attacks are used to test employee responses and reinforce learning.

Test, train and involve your employees

secopan e-learning

Online training
for your employees

Train your employees on the topics of data protection & information security.

Train your employees on the topics of data protection & information security.

Get certificates as proof and easy management of participants.

secopan e-learning

Online Training platform

Our e-learning comprises several entertaining modules and is designed to be practical and interactive.

Each module includes concrete recommendations for action, videos, interim questions and ends with a final test.

Once users have completed the course to be taken and passed the test, individual certificates can be created automatically.

Current contents

On our online training platform, we always offer you up-to-date content, which we quickly adapt in the context of new legislation.

At the moment you can find the following courses for training your employees:

  • Data protection (GDPR)
    German + Englisch
  • Information Security
    German + Englisch
  • Home-Office
  • Phishing Awareness

Advantages of our e-learning platform

Flexibility in time and place
Employees can go through a course at their own pace, place and time.

Lower costs
With an online course instead of classroom training, you save costs..

Better knowledge absorption
Online courses make it easier for your employees to retain knowledge.

Sustainable learning effects
The knowledge imparted can be anchored more deeply in the minds of the employees.


Benefit from our additional services

Benefit from our pool of awareness materials to sensitize your employees.

Sensitization with special ambience

Trainings on the boat

secopan GmbH exclusively offers you to organize a training trip. Combine a breathtaking sailing trip with a classroom training.

You have the option of splitting your stay on the sailing ship over several days and undergoing a complete classroom training course. The topics include, in addition to the introduction to boat safety, basic courses in data protection and information security.